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Published on September 1st, 2013


Lolito by Ben Brooks

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Blurb: Lolito is a love story about a fifteen year-old boy who meets a middle-aged woman on the internet. When his long-term girlfriend and first love Alice, betrays him at a house party, Etgar goes looking for cyber solace in the arms of Macy, a stunning but bored housewife he meets online. What could possibly go wrong . . . ? (Canongate, 2013)

Alexander Larman, The Guardian

“It’s strange to criticise a book for not being more disturbing, but Brooks’s handling of a sensitive and hugely controversial subject is curiously mealy-mouthed.”

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Helen Rumbelow, The Times

“You have to feel a bit sorry for Lolito. It is marketed as “provocative”, and has Nick Cave on the dust jacket calling it “the most horrible book I’ve read in years”. I can only say to Cave: you obviously haven’t read Tampa, which basically wins provocative for this year and quite a few more. It makes Lolito look like a Disney U-rating compared with some monstrous X-rating that you don’t want to watch but can’t quite stop.”

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David Evans, The Financial Times

“He certainly has talent: his prose is crisp and he incorporates unforced references to Facebook and Instagram into his prose as only a 21-year-old writer could. But Brooks shies away from the darker implications of this age-gap love story and the book is eventually ruined by a soft-focus sentimentalism.”

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Lolito by Ben Brooks The Omnivore



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