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Published on August 2nd, 2013


The Banker’s Daughter by Emran Mian

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Blurb: All of our parents have secrets. But Hanna Mehdi’s father is unusual. He ran a major bank that collapsed in suspicious circumstances. When it fell, he turned up at her door and told her they had to run away. They fled to a luxury hotel in Beirut which has now become home. One day Hanna discovers that her father may have done far worse than make risky bets on the money markets. She finds a photograph that turns her privileged life upside down. As Hanna follows the trail of blood from Beirut to Lahore to London, her eyes are opened to the real world in which she has been living. Suddenly she is forced to grapple with the costs of her freedom and choose – the dull and guilty ease of being the banker’s daughter? Or the rough comfort of facing up to the truth? (Vintage)

Emma Hagestadt, The Independent

“This female-centric thriller gets to grips with financial and familial intrigue: a stylish debut.”

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Stephanie Cross, The Daily Mail

“A carefully controlled and intelligent thriller, this is also a convincing exploration of the paralysing effects of life in a gilded vacuum.”

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David Evans, The Financial Times

“Emran Mian’s debut is bold and eloquent. Characterisation can be inconsistent, and the narrative is interrupted by dull slabs of exposition concerning the history of Mateen’s bank. But the novel as a whole comments intelligently on our complicity in financial foul play”

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