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Published on October 21st, 2013


His Father’s Son by Tony Black

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Blurb: Australia is the Lucky Country, and Joey Driscol knows it. It’s a far cry from his native Ireland, but he believes this is the place he and his wife can make a new life and forget the troubles of the past. And for a time, they do just that. There’s a good life, a new house, regular work and, in time, they welcome their new son Marti into the world. But as the years pass, this new life thousands of miles from the Old Country comes under threat. Joey’s wife has been struggling with demons of her own, their marriage is on the rocks and suddenly, Joey’s wife disappears and takes Marti with her. Joey is beside himself, with no clues about where they are, with both his childhood sweetheart and his son – his pride and joy – now missing. Then, when Joey gets word that his wife and son have returned to Ireland, he knows that he’ll now have to do the same if he ever wants to see his son again. And he also knows that he’ll finally have to confront the ghosts of his past that he’s been running from for years. (Black and White Publishing, 2013)

Jane Housham, The Guardian

“Tony Black is better known for his hardboiled “tartan noir” crime novels. In those he revels in the inventiveness of Scottish street slang. Fans who pick up this latest novel may be in for a surprise as the dominant patois is full-on Irish. The book is set in the late 1970s but the language is a timeless brogue that seeps out of the dialogue and internal monologues to colour the narrative emerald green as well.”

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Rebecca Monks, The Scotsman

“The notion that a father’s mistakes can impact on a child’s life is hardly new, but Black takes us inside the minds of Joey and Martin. For Joey, avoiding his father’s mistakes is paramount, while Marti is so eager to heal his parents’ relationship that he makes costly mistakes of his own.”

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