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Published on April 15th, 2014


These Are Our Children by Julie Maxwell

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Blurb: Florence is pregnant and positive it’s her husband’s. Unless it’s Thomas’s. Loving two men at the same time is worth the deceit. Thomas is a neonatal doctor whose invention could save premature babies. Giving them a chance is worth the risk. Helen is a nurse grieving for her baby, miscarried before the new technology was introduced. Helping other parents is worth the sacrifice. (Quercus, April 2014)

Jane Housham, The Guardian

Her writing is singular and memorable, alarmingly frank, terrifyingly fearless, funny (when perhaps you’d sometimes rather it wasn’t), clever, thought-provoking, by turns grotesque and charming.

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Julie Myerson, The Times

“This is a novel with too many ideas, too many tones and a writer who, I suspect, has not quite decided what she thinks about any of them. The large chunks of background — how and when Florence learnt to masturbate, for instance — have the feel of not-quite-funny-enough stand-up routines that have been inserted because they existed, rather than because the novel needed them. The wry, daringly visceral jokes about hospitals and pregnancy are often engaging but they hang uneasily with a novel that also tries to deal with mourning parents and dying babies.”

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