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Published on June 2nd, 2011


With the Kisses of His Mouth by Monique Roffey

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Blurb: Provocative, candid and explicit, this is the story of an extraordinary love affair, a devastating break-up and the sexual odyssey that followed. (Simon & Schuster, 2011)

Julie Myerson, The Guardian

… a candid exploration of the vulnerability of middle-age … despite [some] small frustrations, I want to stick up for this book. It is astoundingly brave. It is funny. It speeds along. It has magic at its heart — that indefinable sliver of human warmth and hope that all the best, most searching memoirs seem to have.

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Alexandra Heminsley, The Independent on Sunday

Fans of sex memoirs will be reassured to hear that there are moments of startling candour throughout. But despite intimate descriptions of erotic massage classes and phone sex with strangers, there is less of Belle de Jour’s lifestyle raunchiness and far more honesty about how sex feels — as opposed to how it looks. But at almost 500 pages, the book is considerably too large to be properly enjoyable.

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Camilla Long, The Sunday Times

For a book that is meant to be about learning, sharing and sexual development, Roffey comes across as surprisingly selfish and supremely self-absorbed, slaloming from episode to episode with little thought for the reader: the literary equivalent of the worst shag in the world … By the end of the book this reader felt overexposed, puzzled, violated, short-changed; a used latex glove.

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With the Kisses of His Mouth by Monique Roffey The Omnivore



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