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Published on July 11th, 2013


My Education by Susan Choi

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Blurb: In the heat of September, and the heady rush of starting her graduate degree, Regina Gottlieb is entranced by her seductive, controversial English professor, Nicholas Brodeur. Against all advice, she becomes embroiled in his world, only to betray him in a passionate love affair with the person closest to him. (Short Books, 2013)

Hannah Britt, The Daily Express

“With enough passion to charge a light bulb you won’t be able to put this down.”

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Emily Cooke, The New York Times

My Education wants to present the love between two women as first and foremost the love between two human beings. Lovers’ gender, Choi suggests, says little about emotional experience. This isn’t quite untrue, and you wouldn’t wish for a novel bogged down in identity politics. But there is something suspect about Regina’s claim that she didn’t love Martha “for being a woman, and would have loved her no less had Shakespearean whim turned her into a man.” Several earnestly heated sex scenes, for one, suggest otherwise.”

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