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Published on December 8th, 2013


Casting the First Stone by Frances Fyfield

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Blurb: A year after her husband’s death, young widow and art collector Diana Porteous listlessly roams the beach near her home. Her friend and agent Saul takes action, introducing her to his stylish, anarchic sister, Sarah, to pep her up. They plan that Di should rediscover her talents as a thief, as well as art expert, to recover stolen paintings – and begin with Steven, the neighbour’s son, who is amassing works of art in a strange building in London, including work stolen from his mother. But if Di is interested in his illicit treasures, he is equally fascinated by hers – and in the secrets still held in that house by the sea… (Sphere, 2013)

Barry Forshaw, The Financial Times

“Fyfield has long found her way into the upper echelons of crime fiction by dint of sharp psychological observation and stylish, elegant writing. The orchestration of suspense in Casting the First Stone is implacable; Fyfield customarily takes us into the less acceptable areas of her protagonists’ behaviour, and here she takes this to a new level of intensity.”

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