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Published on August 19th, 2013


Unfaithfully Yours by Nigel Williams

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Blurb: When Elizabeth Price engages private detective Roland ‘Orlando’ Gibbons to find out the truth about her husband’s suspected affair, she unwittingly sets off a chain of correspondence that reunites four formerly close-knit couples. They all live just a few suburban streets away from each other; they are all still married; so how – and why – did they become so estranged? In a series of letters – from love notes to condolence messages (the latter one arriving some years late) – each protagonist is far more self-revealing than they would ever be in person. The result is an uproarious and poignant portrait of four marriages, and a story about how little we know those we think we know best. (Corsair, 2013)

Matthew Dennison, The Times

“ Unfaithfully Yours is exhilarating in its comedy, even when the novelist is deliberately heavy-handed: silly Mary Dimmock cherishes ambitions to write novels about frogs; Mike Larner’s chief excitement is over nasal penetration between gay dolphins; Gerald successfully picks up women over prepacked Jarlsberg at the Waitrose cheese counter. The result is a wonderfully entertaining novel which cannot fail to delight.”

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Philip Womack, The Financial Times

Unfaithfully Yours is acerbic, amusing, yet with a rich seam of melancholy. Williams understands that the epistolary form is perfect for examining our strange, fluctuating selves.”

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John Harding, The Daily Mail

… a suburban black comedy that only the master of the genre, Nigel Williams, could pull off such with outrageous wit.”

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Jennifer Selway, The Daily Express

“Outrageously funny at first (Gerry Price’s sexual escapades in the dentist’s surgery and the children’s play area next to the tennis courts are wonderful) the epistles, while always witty beyond the scope of most real-life letter writers, become ever more intense and heartfelt.”

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Francesca Angelini, The Sunday Times

“The authoris as sharp as ever when it comes to parodying middle-class suburbia, but it is hard to shake off the feeling that this somewhat sexist formula is past its sell-by-date.”

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