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Published on October 21st, 2013


The Glass Ocean by Lori Baker

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Blurb: Flamehaired, six-foot-two in stocking feet, newly orphaned Carlotta Dell’oro recounts the lives of her parents – solitary glassmaker Leonardo Dell’oro and beautiful, unreachable Clotilde Girard – and discovers in their loves and losses, their omissions and obsessions, the circumstances of her abandonment and the weight of her inheritance. (Virago, 2013)

Clare Clark, The Guardian

The Glass Ocean is Lori Baker’s first novel (she has previously published three collections of short stories), and it is both ambitious and accomplished. Stunningly well written, bleak and beautiful, it is a book about longing; a longing for knowledge and for happiness and for human understanding, all of which remain tantalisingly out of reach.”

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Jonathan Barnes, Literary Review

“There is beauty here and skill – Clotilde is ‘fresh pastry … warm croissants, meringues, Bath buns with orange icing’ – but the narrative is often overwhelmed by poeticisms.”

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The Glass Ocean by Lori Baker The Omnivore



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