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Published on September 16th, 2014


Melissa Katsoulis VS Shark by Will Self

With the ghost of “literary mediocrity” George Orwell presumably having turned down the chance to review Will Self’s new novel, the task fell to Melissa Katsoulis of The Times:
“Not many people will be able to get through this atomised ramble through the many mad minds in Will Self’s head, and those who have grown up on his dark and beautiful studies of the weirdness of everyday life will mourn their old friend and teacher. This, then, is his most important and least readable book yet. It’s bewildering, exhausting and so relentlessly out of focus that unless you are a disenfranchised English student hopped up on caffeine pills and a hatred of Thomas Hardy, you’re unlikely to make it through to the end, still less part with nearly £20 for it.”Read all reviews for Shark by Will Self.

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