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Published on July 16th, 2014


Liz Jones VS How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran

Notorious for mining her personal life for column inches, renowned for her frank opinions on sex and feminism, loved by many but loathed by others for her relentless self-obsession, Liz Jones was an inspired choice to review Caitlin Moran’s first novel:

“Moran hasn’t stretched herself, and by that I don’t mean she’s missed a decade of Pilates classes. I loved How to be a Woman, her manual/memoir, other than the chapter on fashion, which was old hat, and thin (apt, probably, but it was still a weak segment). But this is a children’s book that rehashes the former’s surprise and vim: it’s like a brew made from a used tea bag. It’s a 343-page pat on the back. No one is this assured of their own marvelousness, surely? Self-induced orgasms are “white light and joy”. Are they, always?It would be easy to give this book a good review: I have a novel coming out, too. But I feel it’s my job, or was my job as a fashion editor, to warn young women when I think they’re wasting their money. Even if it means I’m the most unpopular girl on the playground.”

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